Freezing of HWiNFO when running sensors and fan profile


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Hi, I run a custom fan profile. But when the sensor window and fan control are open, after a while HWiNFO gets unresponsive and freezes.
Sensors don't update anymore and fans stay on the last speed just before the program froze.
Sometimes I can force end the program via task manager, sometimes I can't.
I also can't restart the program afterwards. I need to put the laptop to sleep and turn it back on. After that I can run the software again (latest portable version).
Sometimes it happens after a couple of minutes, sometimes after a couple of hours. But it ends up always happening in the end.
I really don't know how to solve it.

Attachted is the report file and the debug file. This debug file is from a freeze after a couple of minutes.
I really hope you can help me out as I love the software and would like to have it running all day for the fan profile.



Try to remove the battery if the problem will still happen.
Remove the battery of the laptop and just power it with the adapter?
Cause I need the battery from time to time :)
Or you mean just take it out and put it back in to see it that changes anything.
Any reason you suspect this is the problem?

PS: Just happened again after almost 4 minutes. It also seems to happen quicker when I'm actively working on the laptop and not when it's idle, or it takes longer it seems. That's also weird.
Remove the battery for the whole test duration.
There were some indications that those freezes were because of a conflict between HWiNFO and the embedded battery monitoring.
Removed the battery and not a single freeze since. It is indeed the battery monitoring that causes this.
Too bad it causes a collision.
I wish there was a workaround but from what I understand from other threads about this subject, there isn't.
So I guess I'll just have to deal with it.
Thanks for the advice