Frequency Limit- Global (What is This?)


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unsure what this frequency reading is, as it doesn't match or come close to any of my clocks (I have a Ryzen 7 5800x), and it's definitely not anywhere near my ram frequencies. the description isn't clear to me either, so what does Frequency Limit- Global indicate in simpler terms?

usually when I'm idle, it is a relatively static 4850mhz, sometimes it might go to 4842 or 4849, but for the most part it's 4850. under Cinebench and gaming loads, I've seen it drop to as low as 4681 and somewhere in the 4300s

is this something of concern? or is it just reading like it should be
No need to be concerned.
The CPU is constantly evaluating based on various factors (i.e. PPT, TDC, EDC, Thermal, etc.) the maximum frequency it can allow the cores to reach. So this is the actual maximum clock allowed and it's changing all the time.