Frozen sensor values


First let me say, I love this software.

I am however having a weird problem. My sensor readings, that are provided by HWiNFO, stop updating. I've got other skins running that report the same info from other sources that continue without issue. I'm seeing this in the HWiNFO/32/64 Tools skin, as well as the ones I've created. I can refresh the skins and their graphs work fine, the values just don't change. Specifically, cpu usage and temp, though looking through the HWiNFO Sensor Status window and the Shared Memory Viewer, it looks like all values are frozen. While it does on occasion start updating again, seems like after coming back from screensaver it does sometimes, I've found no way to get it to do so without restarting the software. It takes 10-12 minutes to freeze.

DBG and Report attached.

I just realized at the same time the readings freeze, HWiNFO stops writing to the DBG and the timer in the Sensor Status windows stops, so I guess it's crashing, just not berning.

This is a spanking new windows 10 rig and I installed all the software "features" from MSI, thermaltake, nVidia, etc to see which were worth it, so this could be related to something else.

Thank you for the software and if you could just point me to the take my money to fund your awesomeness button.


Please try the following: Run HWiNFO in Debug Mode and when the sensors are frozen try to close HWiNFO. If closing doesn't work, try to kill the process via Task Manager. Then please attach the DBG file produced - that might tell me more what happens.
So this morning I started about looking for a conflict.  Started closing things like thermaltake's psu software, MSI's afterburner, etc.

I thought I had fixed it, but the problem still occurs, it just takes 30 to 56 minutes now.

The most recent DBG file attached. [attachment=2113]


When the problem happens, are you then able to normally close HWiNFO, or do you need to kill it via Task Manager ?
It looks like something gets stuck in the Thermaltake communication. Please try to disable monitoring of the Thermaltake DPS sensor in HWiNFO (right-click on the sensor heading and choose Disable Monitoring or hit the Del key) and let me know if that helps.
I can always close the program normal, except if I try to hit the clock icon on the sensor status window. If I hit that the program fails to respond and I have to kill it.

It made it through the night last night with the thermaltake dps software not running. Today with the thermaltake sensor section disabled and the dps software running, it seems to be running fine.
Well, then it looks like a collision between HWiNFO and Thermaltake software. You will need to avoid running both at the same time.