Fujitsu CPU fan doesn't show


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I have a Fujitsu Esprimo P957 with D3502-A1 motherboard and Intel Q270 (Kaby Lake) chipset.
Recently got message on fire up saying issue with CPU fan and looked like fan bearing shot. Wasn't able to source exact fan, so bought and fitted a branded 4 wire fan.
The fan runs, but we were not sure that the PWM control is working, as it didn't seem to speed up as we loaded more tasks on PC.
The BIOS says fan is running and switching fans to full speed from within in BIOS does cause fan to go from 1140 to 2040 RPM, so something happening.
However, HWINFO does not seem to report on CPU/motherboard fan at all, with only fan listed being GPU fan.
I would add that I have tried two other simpler monitoring utilities and neither of them show CPU fan either, so not saying this is problem with HWINFO.
Just trying to figure if for some reason fan on this model of motherboard cannot be detected, or if there is some other underlying problem?


Please provide the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
I'm not sure if fan speed monitoring can be implemented for this system or it is using a proprietary method that only the manufacturer knows.