G15 display on system Start


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Hi all, firstly HWiNFO64 is awesome, just discovered it, really comprehensive and easy to use.

I have a question regarding getting info to display on the G15 LCD display, I gone to Sensors > Configure Sensors > Logitech LCD and selected the things that I want to appear on the LCD, they show up, I click minimize all and it works great. However do I need to do this every time I start windows? HWiNFO64 starts when I login, but the G15 info does not come up until I do the above. HWiNFO64 is selected in my G15 LCD profile. I've searched the forums and can't find an answer.
You can do this automatically by enabling the following options (click Settings right after start):
- Display Sensors on Startup
- Minimize Sensors on Startup