[Gadget] CPU package graph and CPU package max at the same time?


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First of all, thank you for this great piece of software.

I am configuring the gadget part to show both graphs and max values from the same sensor on the same gadget instance, for example:

CPU Package temperature (Graph w/Title)
CPU Package temperature (Min/Max)

But I cannot figure out how to do it. Maybe somehow duplicating the sensor for the instance (as I am only able to add one sensor with one display customization at once). The idea is showing both the historical and max values at a glance, for temperatures and utilizations for the main sensors (CPU, RAM, GPU).

Thanks in advance.
What I finally did was creating a separate instance for all max temperatures (CPU, RAM, GPU...), although it would be great to have it included in the same Graph w/Title, for example in parenthesis, colored in red by the value of the current temperature. Something like:

CPU    42ºC (65ºC)
90 _____________