Gadget killing my fps


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I've read every thread pertaining to fps and seems I'm the only one experiencing this (?).  HWinfo itself is fine and works beautifully.  No noticeable impact on performance with any suspected cycle-hungry sensor.  However, the gadget (2.0) while ON TOP seems to kill the frames on my most played game atm.  It took me a while to pin it down to the the gadget...after disabling each and every sensor one by one to no avail.

Once I diagnosed the issue, I went through all the scenerios:
HWinfo on; gadget on - ON TOP ... frames drop by 25%-40%
HWinfo OFF; gadget on - ON TOP ... frames drop by 25%-40%
HWinfo on/off; gadget on/off - NOT on top ... fps OK

Then I shrank the game resolution and moved the gadget onto the window once the fps settled in and the same frame drop happened.

 I typically disable vsync and uncap fps whenever I have the chance.  I'm not a huge gamer, but unfortunately the one title I play the most is impacted by the gadget.

Any ideas?

specs (newly built August 2016):
Win7 64 sp1
6700k @ 4GHz
Asus z170-A
3x Samsung SSD
EVGA GTX 980-ti