Gadget / Sidebar decimal points


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I just started using HWiNFO32 and found it very light weight (memory usage) and very fast. It has tons of features.

I also located info from this forum to enable sidebar gadget - it's wonderful!!

On the "Sensor Status" page, it shows the all temperatures as xx.x °C. In the side bar, however, it shows xx.x 蚓 for °C or 蚌 for °F.
My "system locale" for Win 7 x64 / Region and Language / Region and Language Settings defaults to Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan). What that means, I think, is when the system does not recognize the language encoding, it will use Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) to encode / decode it.

Another observation is that both side bar / gadget and Sensor Status shows 3 decimal digits for load % , voltage, and watts. Can that be changed via configuration settings? 1 decimal point is good enough for me. There might be others need 3 decimal points for precise information.

Thank you for such a great & wonderful software.

Hi, Martin,

I am impressed!

I just download and try your new version. I am sorry to report that it did not fix the problem.
Just out of my own curiosity, I tried different encoding (charset). So far, I tried, UTF8, UTF-8, BIG5, & no charset. They all produce the same result.

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I'm not much experienced with this kind of things..
Can you try windows-1252 ?