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I am monitoring a machine remotely, and the new version is definitely better, but I do still have some oddities:
- The remote machine (UXIE) doesn't show up in the main HWiNFO window. Not sure it is supposed to, but it kind of looks like it should.
- When I add the remote machine, it comes in as two HostId instances, the first instance contains all but one of the sensors, the second instance just the Intel Core i7-4770T: DTS sensor values
- With the last version (6.08?) I could add the machine, and the monitoring worked - all the sensors coming in on the same Host ID, but it didn't register in the SharedMemory dropdown so I had to guess at the SensorInstanceID s which was quite a pain.
- The machine being monitored (UXIE) is a Windows 10 running the latest version
- The machine doing the monitoring is running Windows Server 2012 on a Intel NUC.


- While it works, I wouldn't mind getting rid of the dual HostID thing. Is this possible?
- The Enumeration option for remote monitoring works on one of the machines (UXIE), but not the other (the Server 2012) machine.
- The Enumeration option doesn't pick up the "correct" IPs, it pickes up 10 values that might have to do with a VPN I am occastionally logged into.
- Also I was wondering about the Rainmeter plugin HWiNFO.dll. When there is a new version, do we need a new version of that too?

Great product by the way. Suggest you ought to have a paid version with logging - would be worth it.

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I'm not sure if the SharedMemoryViewer has correct support of remote machines. This tool is not made by me (but the author of Rainmeter and HWiNFOMonitor), so I cannot provide sufficient assurance.
The screenshot you provided doesn't show enough details how the remote machine appears in HWiNFO. The only thing I noticed is that you have the Server role enabled on your local machine. This should not be enabled, perhaps it's confusing HWiNFO.
I have tested remote monitoring with the latest version (6.10) and don't see any issues here. Maybe if you're using custom sensor layout/order try to reset it to default or completely reset preferences if that will fix it.