GPU clock and voltage different than AMD Software Adrenalin


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since I have upgraded my GPU from a AMD RX Vega 56 to a 7900 XT I am a bit confused on some readings between HWiNFO and AMD driver readings. Basically everything is showing "correct" except for the GPU clock and the gpu voltage. Im not sure if my understanding of the hwinfo data is just wrong, but I assume the GPU Voltage that I get from the AMD driver is the same thing as the "GPU CORE CURRENT(VDDCR_GFX)"? Also the GPU clock would be the "GPU Front End clock"? The voltage is somewhat near the values in the driver, but the front end clock sometimes jumps from 100MHz to 1300MHz in hwinfo and the amd driver chills at 100MHz with slight changes.

So, does anyone has an idea what my problem here is?
You probably won't find an exact match between HWiNFO and AMD Software for parameters that are changing very frequently or might be sourced from multiple instances (i.e. multiple shader engines).
We're not 100% sure how AMD Software treats and shows the actual/raw data (seen in HWiNFO) as there might be some averaging applied. But we assume that the clock reported by AMD is the Shader clock.