GPU dynamic memory


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Hello, i was monitoring gpu dynamic memory in Hwinfo64 and with Aida64 during gameplay, this gpu dynamic memory is supposed to be the system memory shared to GPU right?

I'm just curious with new games which use lot of Vram and my card got only 2gb, and the results using same game Assassins Creed Unity AIDA64 reports shared memory of 2400-2900mb range during playing while hwinfo64 reports 800-1100mb reading at same time.
What can be the differences in monitoring method of Hwinfo64 to the other to get different results for the same reading.
That depends on the GPU and exact values displayed. Please post a screenshot, so I can see exactly which values do you mean.
But basically the D3D memory usage should be the same in both tools (and the other values as well). You just need to compare the right ones.
It's just about gpu dynamic memory which comes from system memory i think, the values from Aida64 to this specific option becomes totally different in all games i tested.

Here a screen of the difference.

I just want to know in which i can belive for real shared memory, i think Aida64 is reading something else and hwinfo is the right one?
Well, I have to admit, that I don't exactly know what that value represents. The reason for this is that it comes from undocumented functions. It might represent the shared memory, but I'm not sure how reliable it is. I can say for sure, that it represents only the memory used by DirectX, so if you run an application that doesn't use DirectX (e.g. GPU computing), that value won't reflect the real memory consumed. So my advise is not to rely on this value too much.
Also, I cannot speak for AIDA64, but I think it should be able to display the same value, maybe on a different screen.