GPU fan not spinning


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Hi everyone, I have a little probleme using the last version of hwinfo64 (not using betas), every component is correctly detected, same about the sensors and the corresponding fans, but when I try to use the manual control or a custom table it does only spin the CPU fan, so I would like to know if there is any way to control both cpu ans gpu fans?
The fan speed seems to be working, because as I said, whene using manual or custom table the GPU fan is at 0RPM and when I use the system auto option it is around 3000RPM.
I'm using an alienware 17 (2013).
I'm sorry, that's a firmware limitation - it doesn't allow other applications to control all fans, only the firmware can do that.
AFAIK independent fan control works only on later models (2015 and later I think).
Well ok :/ thanks for the fast anwser, is there any way to change the cpu fan speed and let the system handle the GPU ? I'm sure it is not possible but I had to ask :/
No, that's not possible. It seems that on those models a single fan speed command has effect on both fans.