GPU memory errors

Hi, is this bugged? is it possible to have billions of memory errors and not notice any artifacting or any weird stuff? after playing a game (GTA V) itll get up to 500 billion errors on each gpu, yet I dont see anything wrong graphically...

A couple of things i should mention

1. when i start the program, it goes straight to 8 billion on gpu 0.

2. it always jumps by 8 billion whenever the ram clock goes up


Edit: just realized this probably shouldve went in the "general discussion" section... sorry about that



  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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You're right, that look odd. Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File and I will check that.
updated the post with the file, aaaand just realized i couldve attached it to this message if i hadve gone through the "preview post" thing... nonetheless sorry I shouldve read the thread marked IMPORTANT lol my bad
Well, it looks like the memory error counters behave in an unexpected way. I'm not sure if they provide valid values at all, need to check deeper.
Will let you know once I know more...