GPU Performance Util


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I'm getting the error that my performance is limited because my GPU utilization is too low. I was seeing this while playing games just today and yesterday, but before that I never saw this. There is noticeable FPS drop now that wasn't there before. How does one go about diagnosing/correcting why there is a low GPU utilization and how to fix? I don't have a CPU bottleneck/throttle, so I'm not sure what the problem is. FYI I see this most when I play Warzone/Call of Duty (pretty much constantly), but when I run Heaven benchmark it only happens occasionally. Thanks.
I actually have the same problem. If you find the solution, share it here pls

For me, my laptop only came with 1 stick of RAM so I was not in dual mode. I bought another stick and that solved my problem. Now I'm running Warzone at 90 FPS+, the biggest dip I've seen was to 75. Before this I would occasionally drop in the 40s. I had ENOUGH memory before, but the dual vs single mode is what made the difference.