GPU Sensor cuts out


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I am on version 7.00-4400

Recently my GPU sensor has begun intermittently cutting out for a second then coming back. All measurements for the GPU show '0' for one poll period before coming back, and it seems to cut out at a consistent rate.

I attached the debug file and a picture of a log.


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Sensor for the NVIDIA GPU? Could be because it's constantly being woken up and put to sleep as the secondary GPU.
You're also using a quite old version of HWiNFO, almost a year old.
Sleep was the issue! I updated to 7.16-4650 and the Nvidia GPU would stay at zero for long periods, and occasionally start reading for a bit. Under light gaming that the APU could handle it stayed the same, under heavier gaming where the Nvidia GPU was in use it read perfectly and never dropped to zero.
I found the issue was caused by me switching my video output from displayport via USB-C to my HDMI port. The displayport output is direct to the GPU so it would not sleep before. The HDMI output goes through the APU and only enables the GPU when needed.

Thank you!