GPU Usage Less Than 40%


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I have performance issues with my PC, never hitting more than 40% GPU usage and similar CPU usage during gaming (according to MSI Afterburner) and resulting in extremely low FPS. I should be able to hit 120+ but all I get is ~40 and dips lower at times. I have tested out with hwinfo but I don't know how to interpret the results. Can someone please check the log that I recorded during a ~2 minute gaming session where the FPS problem occurred, and point me where I could be having problems?

Here are my results:
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Your CSV file looks fine to me. D3D usage of up to 85%, CPU usage of up to ~70%, GPU clocks look OK, temperatures too.

So the questions are: Which games in what resolution and what quality settings are you playing? VSync on or off? GSync or FreeSync active? Which FPS do you see as "extremely low", and with which software are you reading them? Did you try different (older or newer) graphics drivers, and different nVidia Control Panel settings? What FPS are you getting in Unigine Heaven and/or FurMark?