GPU usage not being read correctly in some games.



I've been using HWiNFO for a while now, but I've never seen something like this. In a couple of games, like GTA V, the GPU usage for GTA V is not being read by HWiNFO. I noticed it when I started playing it again a couple of weeks ago. HWiNFO always has some graphs open on my secondary display, so when I saw that my GPU usage was only around 0% - 5%, I compared it to the GPU usage MSI Afterburner shows, and the usage was being read correct on there. I've made a screenshot of when I was playing earlier today, so you can see what I mean. I know there was another game that has the issue too but I forgot which one, it might have been a game. EDIT: It is Black Ops 4 where it's happening too.

Anyway, I haven't seen this before, and I tried using the beta and a previous version of HWiNFO but it happens in all of them. I also saw that the Windows Task Manager doesn't read any GPU usage for GTA V so it might be related to that? I've tried searching Google for results but the only stuff showing up is GTA V not using the GPU's full potential due to XMP profiles, I didn't find anything relating to my issue. Does anyone else have this issue. 

The GPU temperature and fan speeds are the same in both HWiNFO and Afterburner.

Thanks, have a great day!
There are different GPU usages shown by HWiNFO like "GPU Core Load" or "GPU D3D Usage". Looks like you have renamed one of them, so I'm unable to identify which one you're actually using.
Can you please check the original name of value are you using? Does perhaps any of the other usages shown in HWiNFO match the usage shown by MSI AB ?
Also, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data for analysis.
I thought about that too right after your reply, the "GPU Usage" in my screenshot is the "GPU D3D Usage". I hope I got the correct information in the Debug File. I went into the settings, and activated Debug Mode under Safety, restarted it and played both some GTA V and Black Ops 4. Other GPU usages like "GPU Memory Clock", "GPU Core Clock", "GPU Memory Usage", "GPU Temperature",... are all the same on both programs. The only difference is the "GPU D3D Usage" displaying nothing only in GTA V and Black Ops 4. In any other game I currently play, it does work and it matches the MSI AB usage. I couldn't upload the file here so I uploaded it to MediaFire.
"GPU D3D Usage" reflects utilization only when using Direct3D applications/games.
The "GPU Core Load" value should reflect correct usage in all cases.
Thanks for clearing that up for me, I've always been looking at the D3D Usage, but the Core Load does make more sense.