GPU Utilization stuck at 0%


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Hey Guys, Not sure what happened, but somewhere along the line, my GPU utilization went to 0%. I've tried updating drivers, HWinfo is on the latest (not beta) version, and I can't get HWInfo to pick up GPU utilization.

GPU-Z will pick it up, and so will the Gigabyte engine, so I'm not sure what is stopping HWInfo from picking it up.

MB - ASRock 990FX Killer
CPU - AMD FX-6300
GPU - Gigabyte RX-470 G1
32 GB DDR3 Ram

This is a known problem of latest drivers and there's already a solution for it, but it wasn't released yet. It's planned in the next few days.
For the time being you can try to activate the "Prefer AMD ADL" option in HWiNFO, that should fix it.
Once the solution is released, there will be no need to activate the above option.
Thanks. It looks like the patch works for Polaris10 only.
I will switch automatically to ADL until I determine how to properly do this on Polaris11.
Build 3570 Beta should fix this issue on Polaris11 too, There should be no need to use "Prefer AMD ADL" anymore.