GPU Video Memory


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I was wondering if you could clear something up for me.

In the Sensors list is there a sensor that shows Video Memory temperature??
Specifically I'm interested if there is one for my Dell Precision M65 to monitor the temperature for the 256mb dedicated Video memory for the FX 350M???

I had to replace the motherboard because apparently the Video ram fried when I ran one of my 3D space Sim games. the Laptop froze and the only way I could boot was in Safe Mode and there were lines down the screen - thus I assume the Video ram fried, but I guess it could have been the FX 350M.

Since then, after replacing with a used (good) motherboard, I have been using hwinfo32 to monitor the Dell EC Cpu, Gpu, and the FX 350M GPU temperatures and set up a Custom Fan control since apparently the default Dell Fan control wasn't turing on the fan at low enough temperatures to adequately protect the CPU & GPU from overheating when playing 3D games. I had been using a dual fan laptop cooling pad but I see now (from hwinfo) that those low cfm fans were only lowering the laptop GPU & CPU temps by about 1 or 2 degrees at best.
The Custom Fan control is working MUCH better plus I bought a external fan device on amazon that "kinda" attaches to the laptop exhaust port (using a rubber seal) and a variable speed fan to suck the hot aore out throught he laptop heatsink -and that is working wonders - it lowers my GPU and CPU temps by at least 10c.
But I'd like to monitor the Video Ram also if there is a sensor for it but I don't see anything that says anything like Video Ram.

Monitoring the GPU memory temperature would require a thermal diode placed at (or close to) the GPU memory chips and AFAIK only few higher-end GPUs (desktop models) feature such additional sensors. HWiNFO can report this temperature, so if it doesn't I don't think it's possible with your GPU.