Graph windows show in all virtual desktops (task view)


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I'm a big fan of graphs of the sensor value versus time and I really like showing a number of parameters of interest, but ...
all the graphs show on all virtual desktops. The window that shows the sensor values just shows on the virtual desktop active when the program started or the one to which it is assigned. I would really like to have the graph windows just display on their assigned virtual desktop, please.

Observed this behavior on Windows 10-64 and 11-64.
Virtual desktops are accessed in Windows via the "Task View" button optionally in the taskbar or Windows Key + Tab.
Although focused on hotkeys, see this for a quick summary of virtual desktops in Windows: 10 Virtual Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts. 1 1.,5. Windows Key + Tab Key. More items
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I can see this happening only if either of the graph windows is active (foreground).