H110i GTX Issues

So I read another thread on here about how the Corsair Link Software doesn't play nice with HWiNFO. If I disable Corsair Link but leave the USB plugged in, the fans still spin up to 50% power even though there is no software running that should change it. This does not happen when the USB is not plugged in. If the USB is not plugged in the fans remain at ~800RPM. But with the USB plugged in they start at 800RPM and then ramp up to about 1500RPM when HWiNFO starts. My hypothesis is that the protocols used by HWiNFO to read the sensors in the H110i also inadvertently change the fan speed settings. Is this a possibility or am I just talking out of my ass? 
I have also included a monitoring log, a report file and a debug file for any relevancy that they provide.


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Yes, that's quite possible - it seems that when we ask the cooler to get actual values, it can cause a fan speed change on some models.
Currently there's no solution for this, but I will have a look at that...