Having troubles after update Windows 11 yesterday

Hi Team,

Yesterday My windows 11 was updated.
I can't run HWinfo64 anymore,
Please help me find what is blocking it.



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Do you maybe have Core isolation enabled? What does the Windows Event Viewer say?
Try to disable it if that will maybe change something. Also please check in the Even Viewer whether there's an error reported.
Not much I'm afraid, are there perhaps some more details in that window?
Try to enable the "Persistent Driver" option if that will work perhaps.
Hmm, either the system is blocking HWiNFO to deploy the driver or it's refusing to start it.
Can you see some security alerts in Windows Security?
"Controlled folder access" might also be a good place to check.
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It's getting the same error 87 from system as HWiNFO. Seems to be some new "neat" feature from Microsoft...
Try to disable Core isolation or some other security features just to check whether it's caused by some of them...