HDD SMART - Reallocated Sector


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There are some HDD SMART parameters about the critical situation with HDD.
It is "Reallocated Sector Count", "Reallocated Event Count", "Current Pending Sector Count", "Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count".

Can you do these parameters in your software?
Such information should already be shown under respective Drive info / SMART section.
However, not all drives might reports all those parameters. It depends on the manufacturer.
At the moment I see only SMART temperature.
However I can see all SMART parameters in AIDA64. So these parameters can be received.
Have you checked in the main application window under Drives ? You need to have Sensor-only and Summary-only mode disabled in order to get that window (with more details about all components) to appear.
Yes, there are these parameters in the Main windows. But these don't have in the sensor windows and so I can't see it in Gadget.
These parameters don't change quickly so I think there's no reason for adding them into the sensors window.