Help Request: Frametime displays wrong value when capped with RTSS, but not the Driver limiter


As reported here in more detail (and with the RTSS author's sort of reply):, the Frametime value imported from RTSS displays the incorrect value when the user is reaching an FPS limit imposed by RTSS itself.

This does NOT happen if the FPS is capped with the nvidia driver limiter OR an in-game limiter, it only occurs when capped to a value with RTSS. In this case I'm capped to 60 with RTSS, but the frametime virtually never displays what it should (16.7 ms). I have tested this in about 6 different games with a few different limiters and it only happens when RTSS is used to limit the framerate for whatever reason. I have no idea then if this is an issue with RTSS or if it's an issue in HWiNFO64 or what, but the RTSS author (Unwinder) just said that it's better to display this information natively (the reason I'd rather not do that is the HWiNFO64 custom overlay looks far nicer once configured imo). Anyhow, thanks for your time, sorry for the trouble.

HWiNFO only reports values received from RTSS, it has no control over the specific behavior.
That is what I thought, it's all rather confusing. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding Unwinder's replies (going off his most recent comment that may be the case), but he seems to think the issue is that the frametimes are being read by another application which is misrepresenting the data perhaps? Or that the application is reading from the wrong source? Apologies, I don't want to misrepresent his actual meaning, the more exact phrase is which you can view in the original thread is:
> "It is a case of you switching to different application and seeing frametame taken from wrong source." -- Unwinder

Thank you for your time in any case, I really appreciate it.