Help understanding what Temperature 1 / 2 / 3 refer to on the motherboard


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Hi folks,

I've got a Dell 0xr1gt motherboard.

On HWINFO, it reports three temperatures from the motherboard. They are simply labelled as Temperature 1, Temperature 2, and Temperature 3.

My question is simple - what could these possibly refer to?

Based on my observation, Temperature 3 mirrors the temperature of my CPU extremely closely. When my cores are around 45C, Temperature 3 reports temperatures at that region. When the core temps go to around 55C, Temperature 3 reports similar temperatures. Same thing at 70C when I put my PC under maximum load.

Also, Temperature 1 is consistently the coolest. At idle it is 38C and under full load it hits 50C.

As for Temperature 2, it seems to somewhat correlate to the temperature of my GPU (however, not nearly as clearly as how Temperature 3 correlates to the CPU temperature). When my GPU sits idle at 35C, this reading is 46C. When my GPU goes up to 80C, this reading is 64C. If I put my PC under 100% CPU load, the Temperature 2 reading barely increases. Long story short, when my GPU heats up, Temperature 2 increases. When my GPU cools, Temperature 2 decreases. There is a linear relationship, but with different starting/ending values.

Image of motherboard only:

Image of stock Inspiron 660: (take note, my Inspiron 660 has a GTX 960 and a EVGA 600W B1 PSU)

Thanks! Will appreciate any and all help in understanding what the temperature readings correspond to.
The exact meaning of those temperatures depends on particular mainboard model and sensor under which they are reported.
Since you haven't provided more details about your system (HWiNFO Report or Debug Files), it's hard to give an advice.
Also, because your mainboard is a bit specific one, the best way would be to compare those values with a tool from the manufacturer (if there's any).