Help with understanding log file


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Hi so a friend of mine is having issues with his PC. Everytime we try to run a bench or play a game it crashes. I had him get a log from hwinfo and i have it open in generic log viewer. But this seems beyond my knowledge. I want to check the 12v rail i believe but dont know what im looking at. So for comparison I have loaded mine as well. Which is working fine. His is the red and i am the green. His setup is i7 11700, msi 3070ti, msi z590, wifi, 32gb ddr4, 750w psu gold. my specs are an i7 7700, 2070super, maximus hero IX, 32gb ddr4, 700 w psu bronze. If you want the log file just let me know. Thank you for the help!1626846753190.png