Here's a stupid question.


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I'm a spanking newbie trying to make sense of what I read on the HWinfo report. Moreover, I am an end user with a cloddish grasp of anything techie.

I'm trying to verify that the HP Pavillion DV7tqe laptop I bought is capable of using 16GB of RAM. I bought it with 8gb installed, with the intention of upgrading once the prices come down.

On the HWinfo report I am looking under: "motherboard/symbios dmi/memory devices/physical memory array/memory capacity". It reports 16777216 KBytes.

Since this number starts with "16", I am encouraged. Does this mean that my computer can accept and use 16gb or ram, if I choose to install it? Or am I way off track here?

If HWInfo is reading correctly, you already have 16GB installed.
To verify, in Windows, go to:
Control Panel--Installed Memory.

Your specs:

Since you only have 2 DIMM slots, they may both be populated with 4GB, so you would have to replace both modules.

There is little or no performance difference in upgrading to 16GB, depending on the applications you use. For 3-D graphics modeling with 64-bit application, it will make a difference.

That's quite the laptop for a non-techie newbie!