Hibernation causes wrong polling period


After I wake up my laptop from Hibernation, the polling period is changing from 5 secs to 37-38 secs. I must end the task from task scheduler and re-run it in order for the polling period to be 5 secs again (I have it so it runs every time I open my laptop)
Is this perhaps due to some sensor taking excessive time to read?
You can determine this by enabling the "Profiling Time" column and see which one takes more time after hibernation.
It showed about 17000 ms next to the DDR5 DIMM category. And when I clicked on it to expand it, HWINFO stopped responding and I had to kill it
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File that captures that situation including Hibernate/Resume. I need to see more details what's going on there.
Whenever I try to show a graph or to expand a category the program freezes for about 20-30 secs and then unfreezes. And the polling period is still incorrect (every 35 secs instead of every 5 secs). Could I send the Debug File in a private chat if it's possible?
Thank you for the Debug File. Are you perhaps using some other system monitoring, tweaking or RGB control software too?
If not, I think this might be a BIOS issue that doesn't properly restore certain system settings during resume.
I'm using ExplorerPatcher but I don't know if it falls under the system tweaking category exactly.
If it's a BIOS issue, I suppose there isn't any workaround till the manufacturer rolls out an update? And if this update fixes the problem of course.