High CPU Temperature


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I have a dell XPS 15 L502X, and the sensors are reading ~63 degrees (Celsius) for the CPU Package (says max was 79, the cores ranging from 56-61 degrees, with maxes also in the high 70s). Is this normal? The fan is supposed to constantly be on the highest speed possible (4200RPM), but it turns down to the medium speed even if its in the temperature ranges I set to be on high in the 'custom auto' section. Any help?

EDIT: Just opened up a few more programs, and its hovering around 75 now. Is this not too hot?
No, that's not too hot. Depending on your CPU model, most CPUs can go up-to around 90-100 C under heavy load, where a temperature over 90 C can be considered high. But this all depends on the model and type of load. The temperature when idle could be lower than you have observed. Cleaning the fans (on notebooks), better positioning the heatsink or reapplying the thermal paste (for advanced users) can lower the temperatures.
All right, thanks a ton. I was worried for a bit. Any idea as to why the fans will slow down even if I have them set manually to be on high?