High CPU Usage coming out of Hibernation


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I want to thank the author for this great piece of software, has been very helpful with getting more battery life out of my laptop.

However, I am currently encountering an issue where HWinfo64 will take up 5%-10% of the CPU after the computer comes out of hibernation. This happens every time and does not go away until the program is restarted.

I have attached a DBG file, please let me know what I can do to fix this.

Thanks in advance!


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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It looks like the problem isn't in HWiNFO but in the BIOS. After resume the BIOS doesn't properly re-initialize a certain interface (SMBus) and that causes heavy delays in HWiNFO and increased load.
This cannot be full fixed on our side, only in the BIOS.
To mitigate this issue you could disable monitoring of the two DDR5 DIMMs (which is done via SMBus, hence this is what's causing such delays).
Also upgrading to the latest HWiNFO version might help to a certain degree.
Yes, that did the trick. Thank you! I am using 7.60, is 7.61 better? Also, it might be good to have better indicators in the UI for BIOS problems like this so the user can self-diagnose. Just a suggestion.
Yes, 7.61 has some improvements in SMBus access so it should not block so long.
Such indicators are not easy to universally evaluate.