Higher power usage in task manager w/ auto start


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Hi there,
I'm using the HWiNFO64 (and the tray icon to monitor the battery draining rate.
I enabled the auto start in HWiNFO64, naturally, but accidently found something very strange.
The auto start works, showing ~25W battery draining rate while idle, which is quite high since the laptop is doing nothing.
In the task manager, however, shows that the HWiNFO64 power usage is high (or very high, sometimes).
Curiously, this only happens when the HWiNFO64 is started with auto start.
If I close the HWiNFO64 and start it again, or start it manually without auto start, the draining rate drops to 10~15W, and the power usage of it in task manager changes to low.
I have no idea what difference the auto start makes in the process (no other settings were changed whatsoever).
This is repeatable at least on this device (ASUS G15 GA503RM), and Windows 11 22H2.
Try to disable monitoring of some sensors by hitting the Del key over the sensor heading (e.g. Disk, EC if there's such) to check which one is having such impact.