Hotkey/shortcut for "reset min/max/average/timer"


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Just as the title says, im looking for how to reset it without having to press that button on the app window. The very action of minimizing and going back basically invalidates benchmarking data so im trying to find a way to do it, but there seems to be no way to do it in-app. Im using a combination of hwinfo+afterburner+rtss obviously each of them that i find more reliable but a few (specifically average fps/1% lows/0.1% lows) are tied to hwinfo so when i reset the afterburner+rtss sensors the ones from hwinfo keep there unchanged. Am i missing something?
Sorry, currently there's no hotkey for this action.
Will this be implemented in a future release? It’s a really handy feature! It’s just not convenient to have to destroy your benchmark data by tabbing in and out to reset it.