How do values in HWInfo correspond to Zenith II Extreme Alpha?


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I'm trying to figure out which dimm slots correspond to which ones, and what temp 3 is.

One stick of ram is running a bit hot. I'm not sure which memory bank it is on. Are Dimms 1 and 3 on the left or right side of the socket, while facing the board?

Under Zenith II Extreme Alpha (Nuvoton NCT6798D) temp 3 varies between 80c to 95c. Everything else on the board is fine temp wise. Does anyone know what temp 3 corresponds to?
The temperatures for ram. I have dimms labeled 1, 3, 5, and 7. Not sure which slots on the motherboard corresponds to which.
Yes, but there are multiple ways to report temperature - per DIMM, per memory channel/IMC.
For DDR4 per-DIMM temperatures those should match the the DIMMs reported in main HWiNFO window.
Yeah, it's showing up in the sensor window per DIMM. Just the default setting. I'm trying to figure out which DIMM slots they correspond to.
The motherboard uses a different numbering scheme for the dimm slots than HWInfo. I'm trying to figure out how the per dimms correspond.
Unfortunately there's no way how to determine the mainboard module labeling other than using the SMBIOS DMI supplied information which depends on the BIOS.
This is what HWiNFO does but it might not work properly in all cases or if the BIOS doesn't provide accurate data.