How precise is HWiNFO?


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HWiNFO is as precise as the PSU's monitoring circuits are.
However exact specifications about accuracy are not available, you might try to contact the PSU vendor for further details.


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I don't think so :( Accuracy is something that most vendors don't disclose (maybe intentionally).


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The accuracy of the voltage measurement depends on the method used.

The most accurate double integration method is based on the charge of a capacitor with a known capacity to the input voltage value and subsequent measurement of its discharge time with a calibrated voltage at the same time as the slowest. The integrator time constant should be large enough to reduce the effect of random fluctuations of the charge level of the measuring capacitor on the measurement accuracy, which leads to a sufficiently long time of the measuring cycle of the method. In addition, this method requires the use of high-frequency stabilized synchro-generators to reduce the effect of the least significant digit on the sampling accuracy.

In general, this leads to a typical duration of the measuring cycle of the order of a few seconds, which is inappropriate. Faster measurement methods are losing heavily in accuracy and often have lower resolution.