HP 840 G1 hangs


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Dear HWInfo,

I am using HP 840 G1 notebook with Windows 10 64bit and the latest HWINFO64 5.30.
Maybe it is important, that this notebook uses two video card (an Intel and an AMD) at the same time on the same screens and a program switch between two videocards when an application require more power as I know.

My problem is, when I plug-in an external monitor via DisplayPort, the computer hangs randomly:
- Sometimes I see the windows blue screen with an error message: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE
- Sometimes the computer freezing without any information, I just see that the mouse and keyboard not response, and the clock on the screen not move.
- Sometimes the computer hangs immediately when I plug out the cables of the external monitor from my laptop, sometimes it takes some minutes and after hangs.
- Sometimes the computer hangs immediately after I plug in the external monitor's calbe to my computer, sometimes it takes some minutes and after hangs.

The sleeping function is totally unpredictable.
- Sometimes when I try to sleep my computer it hangs immediately.
- Sometimes when I wake up my computer and plug in the external monitor's cable, it hangs immediately.

I called the local HP Customer Service, and their told me that I try to install all drivers to the latest version, but I installed the latest drivers already.
Now I uninstalled HWInfo64 and the external monitor's cable not hangs my laptop (plug-in and plug-out are working well), and it looks like, my computer not freezing.

Before version 5.30 the system freezes did not happens so often (maybe 2-3 times monthly), but since I install to version 5.30, my computer freezing more than 6 times a day.

I would like to use this program because the CPU heat level is very important to me when I'm using video editor applications with a heavy CPU usage.

I appreciate any of your helps.
As first I'd suggest to switch the "GPU I2C Support" option off in HWiNFO.
If that won't help, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File from the freeze for analysis.