HP Z6 G4 No fans displayed


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I installed and run the program on my HP Z6 G4, however, no fans are present, even when the 'Fans' check box is ticked.
I've done a re-scan a few times and nothing Fan related is displayed.
Just to note, my GPU fans both display their percentage and RPM.

The Fans display fine on the Z440.

Many thanks.

That system is most likely using a new proprietary method to access fans, hard to say without seeing the HWiNFO Debug File.. Fans might also be seen via IPMI if the system supports it.
I'm unable to locate any standard sensors on the system so it's most likely proprietary. Check in the BIOS whether the system supports IPMI and if yes, try to enable it. That should then show sensor data in HWiNFO including fan speeds.
I see... Everything else is displayed, all the sensors, just not the fans.

HP's System monitor displays the Fan RPM's, albeit, not live/auto refreshing.

I'll have a look at the BIOS and report back

Thank you for your help,