HW Info is shutting down after a while when minimized to tray


i have this problem with hwinfo.
It shuts down suddenly after a while (10-20 minutes) when it is minimized to tray,
i don't know why
First i thought it is cause using portable on harddisk D:
so i installed the installer version on C: and it still shuts down after a while.

I had this with several 6.3 versions including newest 4240

any ideas how i can find out the reason or maybe is it a bug?

my system:
windows 10
970 evo plus (system c)
WD 4TB (storage d)
ryzen 3700X
MSI Tomahawk max B450
HW Info 6.30 4240
(also had this error with earlier versions v6.28 e.g.)

thanks for help
how can i open "safety"
i cannot find it?

i have not the start screen "settings, sensors only" anymore when starting hwinfo
where can i activate the start screen?

and what to you mean with
Then continue with the scan process. After the scan is finished,
where do i start the scan?
dont find any button
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You can send it to me via PM or e-mail. You might need to compress it first, as it might be quite large.
Does the Debug File you sent capture the situation when it shut down? Because it doesn't indicate any issue, but ordinary close.
Are you sure that HWiNFO terminated unexpectedly and it wasn't present in the Task Manager-Details tab?
i send you a new debug file.. maybe you can find it better with this..
this time it was shut down when it was open on desktop
That's exactly the same file you sent before.
How do you start HWiNFO, is it perhaps started automatically - either via HWiNFO option or Task Scheduler? In that case it might be Task Scheduler terminating it after a certain time.
yes you are right.
hwinfo was not in debugging mode anymore.

okay i have a new one,.. this time it worked.. and the file is much bigger
and hwinfo shutted down right now when it was open on dekstop
i start it with task scheduler when windows starts,
but also I start it manually again when it was shut down...
it makes no difference it shuts down after a while... sometimes faster sometimes later
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edit : i have set the setting "finish task schedule" from 1 hour to 3days in windows,
maybe this will be the solution?
Sorry, but still no indication of HWiNFO closing due to a failure. So it seems like something else is terminating it.
First I'd suggest to click "Restore Original Order" in sensors settings, then remove the "Finish task" in Task Scheduler and see if that helps.
The option "Stop the task if it runs longer than ..." needs to be disabled. If it's enabled, Windows will kill/terminate the task after the specified runtime has been reached. And the task won't be restarted (unless there's another trigger set).
thanks.. i try this "stop the task" to set it off.
i think this was the problem.

it ist for me not clear, "stopping the task" meant for me "starting the program" (until it has started)
like to start to build a house , but not to break it down longer than...
and next day the task again "start to build a house"...

thanks for help
problem solved ;)


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