Hw Info slowing down computer reaction time

firsly i want to say, thanks for HW info TOP and GREAT soft of that kind.

I have a problem with hw ifno for a while. I Uninstalled some program (cant remember which it was exactly) and prolly by uninstalling process was uninstalled some dll or something and hw info starts doing bit mess with my pc.
When i starts up hwinfo after some time, sometime its after 20mins sometime after an hour, hwinfo slowing down reaction of computer, when i have at background some playing video at youtube it stops and loading video (internet connection is ok) , and if im going to call some new page or refresh other page, its ends in infinite loading. Whole system reacts weird and slowly, other programs reacting also slowly. Its quite hard to describe, ristly experienced something like this.
When i kill hwinfo thru task manager i have to wait for some time, like minute and when hwinfo is "killed" everything works ok again and web pages and videos at youtube works with no issues.
Without hwinfo pc works without any problems.
Tried installation of hwinfo and portable version too, both producing same problems.

both debug files included in 7zip file


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This is difficult to determine without having direct access to the system. But if other programs run slow too, I'd recommend to completely re-install some drivers (clean uninstall and install again), especially GPU.
thx for response,
Other programs work fine, but they are torn down and slowed down by a system that is hampered by hwinfo. GPU drivers i reinstalled 2 days ago, i guess this is visible in report and debug file.


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Try to disable some sensors (hit Del key over the heading) and after that check which one was causing this. I'd suggest to start with the GPU and SMART sensors.
Thank you Martin for advice, but i using hwinfo only for monitoring MB, CPU, RAM stuff, i dont use it for HDD SSD or GPU.
And again thank you for your help.