HWi 701_4415 Vcore bug


Hello. Iwant report bad Vcore reading on my Maximus XII Z490 Apex tested HWi 7.0 and 7.01. That Low Vcore is not possible system would immediately froze or restart. In past i try undervolting and know that under 0.6xxV my PC crash so 0.044V is imposible :D
when i turn on debug mode i will not get 0.044V but 0.222V But its still too low for PC to work. And i lately notice HWinfo detect some Internal CPU error (i dont have any overclock) i tried update MEI firmware BIOS and downgrade Bios but maybe its releated to HWi V7.0. i will try download older 6.42 and see

ED. HW6.42 doing same Vcore 0.213V this is weird


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This is most likely due to low-power states when some cores are gated off. Some vendors try to hide such low Vcore values by reporting VID instead of Vcore when Vcore<0.5 V.
well i downgrade bios to 0707 (from 1003 to 0901 to 0707) reset Cmos 5x (because i can :D ) and now HW 6.42 works normal. Vcore Min 0.7xxV Now i wonder if i encounter CPU internal error