HWiFO block our project


Dear Martin Malík,

I am part of CTRL-F, a non-profit organization. (Law 1901 - W062016743 - https://www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr/associations/detail-annonce/associations_b/20200042/52)
I am lead developer of a tiny project.
Our goal is to simply help people who have problems with their computer, by offering a simple explanation to their problems.

Unfortunately I noticed that our project has been discreetly blocked by HWiNFO, which we use through memory sharing.
So we would like to have more information about this. We don't want to bypass this blocking, but to understand.

On 08/18/2020 I had sent you a first mail in order to know more about how to use your software, or the prerequisites/prices of your sdk.
I sent 3 other mails the following months, without any answer.
HWiNFO is the most reliable software, so we used the free version, thanks to memory sharing, which is normally (we hope) not contrary to your licenses.

We would like to know if you want us to switch to a paid license. Even if our use is a "non-commercial use".
Our project costs money, we have no income from this project. It exists for the sole purpose of helping.

Thank you very much for the reliability of your software. It is a great help.
We don't have a lot of funds, but if you would like us to switch to a paid license, or find an agreement like mention that we use your technologies on our website, or something else, we would be happy to discuss it.

Best regards,
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This is because you're embedding HWiNFO in your software (and doing this in a covert way), which is not allowed.
Using a paid license (HWiNFO64 Pro) is not a solution for this case as such license cannot be transferred to other users - it is bound to the licensed subject.
The HWiNFO SDK would be the ideal solution for such use, but as you're a non-profit organization the pricing will be probably prohibitive for you (the HWiNFO SDK is a commercial product).
I'm thinking about other options, we can discuss this via PM further.
Thank you Martin for your answer.
We are not closed to discussion. Indeed I also think that the sdk is too expensive. We just hope we can find a good solution for both.

When you say via MP, do you prefer via email, or via the forum?

PM - Private Message via forum. Or e-mail.. we have changed the e-mail service recently, so if e-mails were not getting thru in the past, they will hopefully now.