HWiNFO 32-bit vs 64-bit?

Yes, for example some information about NVIDIA GPUs is available in the 64-bit version only.
Why does getting some Nvidia info require 64-bit?

And if that's the case, I guess it's best to use the 64-bit version whenever possible.
Usually I go for the opposite: use 32-bit versions of programs unless there's an obvious reason to use 64-bit.
rcx said:
Why does getting some Nvidia info require 64-bit?

Because as far as I know on 64-bit systems NVML can be utilized by 64-bit applications only. So if you use HWiNFO32, it won't retrieve some information like GPU Power (in Watts).
Wouldn't it be better to unify everything under a single package?

I don't mean including both 32/64-bit builds where the 64-bit one is a superset, but making a 64-bit helper that would be launched by the 32-bit main program, and that would fetch and relay the info inaccessible under 32-bit.