HWiNFO 64 v7.04 won't load at all - no error message either


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I couldn't imagine tweaking my PC without this program; it's awesome - thanks!

I've been running v7.04 (W10) without any problems, but suddenly it just wouldn't load today. No error message, nothing, nada.

There was an automatic Windows update in the background since the last time I used it - could it be the cause? The update was to the latest security intelligence update for Windows Defender (KB2267602 version: 1.339.1178.0)

I managed to start the portable version, but it would load the splash screen only or start the debug more. If I press sensors, then once the blue slider finished loading - nothing happens.

Here are the contents of the debug file created.

No key

I really appreciate any help you can provide.
Please try to run again and attach the full Debug File created for analysis.
Hi Martin
Appreciate your feedback. Using the portable 64-bit version: if I unclick both sensors-only and summary-only in the splash screen and hit run, then I hit sensors from there - then the following debug file is created.
Thanks in advance.


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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Please try to do a full "Reset Preferences" from the main settings of HWiNFO if that will help.
Hi Martin,
Thank you - it did help - and now the non-portable version works as well. Thank you once again for the support and your application!