hwinfo 7.26 64bit cpu temp asus wmi bug not with 32bit


hwinfo 7.26 64bit version bug...
cpu temp asus wmi way above tdie..it supposed to mirror tdie..in my case 5-10c hotter?bug
it works with 32bit version please fix thx

my system ryzen 5800x and asus prime x470
the bug is with asus wmi cpu temp does not mirror tdie 64bit version
32bit version works ok.


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This is not a good comparison as the actual working conditions are different. Other working parameters differ between both situations - actual system load, power usage, etc.
it is the same actual working condition...i sanpshot 64bit first and close..than open 32bit version and snapshot
what is the bug i mention is last time asus wmi cpu temp always mirror cpu die temp for the 64bit version
but the 32bit version still function properly
oo now i see the 64bit version cpu tctl\tdie is missing

why is not the same layout 32bit and 64bit version?
can i request to be the same thx
tctl\tdie still not working in 64 bit version
i snapshot side by side 32bit and 64bit version both open the same time

cpu ccd1 tdie 4c difference


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