HWINFO 7.50 CPU Frequency High


Updated from 7.46, now my CPU rarely goes below 3Ghz, even at idle. Reverted back to 7.46 and all back to normal. No other changes made.
I7-8750H, MSI Leopard GP73 laptop
Reinstalled 7.50. Monitored for a couple minutes. Average CPU core clock 3.8Ghz, where with 7.46 it is less than half that. EC is still disabled.

After 7 minutes of essentially idling, CPU core clock average is still at over 3.6GHz with 7.50.
Screenshot attached after 20 minutes at little more than idle.


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Then it might be due to some other sensor. Do you see a new sensor introduced with v7.50 ?
Yes I do. 7.46 doesn't report SMART data for my external USB SSD. 7.46 names it "Sandisk Extreme 55AE" while 7.50 calls it "Western Digital SN560E" under drives. Screenshots of collapsed sensors attached.


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