HWiNFO and fresh install of Windows 11


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I had been running an upgraded version of Windows 11, from a Windows 10 build. All was well with HWiNFO in combination with Afterburner and Rivatuner. That meant all the sensor settings would display as liked when using the defined Scroll Key as the shortcut to enable them....

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so all was well.

In fact all is the same with Windows 11, except......

When the PC starts up from a cold boot I have to right click on the HWiNFO tray icon to selct the sensor tab to open and then click to save the contents. I know I need to do that as the tray icon for the CPU temp is missing and I get zero display in any games, like the above, until it is done.
These are the same settings on start up.....


and I do not see anything obvious as to why HWiNFO does not "auto start" the sensor aspect of its function without manually needing to enable it....?

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Try to open the HWiNFO task in Windows Task Scheduler and enlarge its startup delay if that will help.
Try to open the HWiNFO task in Windows Task Scheduler and enlarge its startup delay if that will help.

Thanks, good idea :)

I did that and indeed it now delays for 30 seconds before starting the program....


I can tell that it still doesn't work as the CPU temp isn't in the tray....


manually starting the sensors then provide....

you can now see the CPU temp at 21c. That would also mean the game information does not get to be displayed until it is manually started.

BTW When I first installed Windows 11 I only had the Nvidia icon running within the system tray before installing HWiNFO, so no other utility etc would be potentially cause a problem. Then again all that you see within the system tray, and much more, used to run fine. But, as mentioned, this is the first time I have installed a fresh copy of Windows 11 and used the latest version of HWiNFO.

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Enable the "Show Sensors on Startup" option.

works a treat, thanks for that. Seems somewhat obvious o use but I did save the working reg file from my W10 build and used that to restore the functionality I use. At this point I would only guess to assume that may have been ticked but not restored.

anyway, working now so thanks again :)