hwinfo caused burn in


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hwinfo caused burn in on my old samsung monitor, it's not that important, the monitor is old but it's very strange.1.jpg
i thought ips monitor can't get burn in!
My foult its TFT, samsung P2350.
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And why do you think this is caused exclusively by HWiNFO? If a monitor experiences such burn-in I believe it's a design fault.
don't worry, I often use hwinfo and it's on that other old monitor, I didn't want to blame anyone because it's a TFT and the monitor is really old, I just found it strange that there was an imprint of hwinfo, but I use it most often and it's on to that monitor. since you, Martin, are the author, maybe you could implement something that would protect TFT monitors.
I believe it's not just HWiNFO but anything else can cause this. You might try the Dark Mode (both in Windows and HWiNFO) to mitigate such effects.