HWInfo causing constant 1.4v and high temps, just monitoring


I have been searching and trying to work out why my comp never seems to idle or step down. The cores are constantly high, temps are high and cpu voltages constantly around 1.48

Tried various undervolting etc etc. Nothing was helping the cores step down.

Turns out all i had to do was close HWinfo64 sensors (which i always ran at startup so i can keep an eye on everything)

Is this intended by the software? Have i set it up wrong?

Now if i use Ryzen Master to monitor all my cores are sleeping at idle, and voltage is 1v and under and temps sub 40 degrees.
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No, this is certainly not intended. But it's hard to give you an advice without knowing exact system details or even better seeing the HWiNFO Debug File of the system.
Most likely polling some sensor is causing this, you could try to enable the "Profiling Time" column in sensor settings and see which of the sensors is taking most time. Then disable reading this sensor by hitting the Del key over its heading.
I'm sorry, i'm new to this to some extent. Please see attached system report and debug file. It seems debug was already on I think, could that be the problem?

There just seems to be a disparity betwen RM and HWinfo in core speeds and the like, but they both agree on the voltage between 1.4-1.48 with HWINFO64 sensors open

Thank you so much


Debug Mode has a significant impact on performance, it should be used only to gather debug data.
Try to deactivate it first to see what difference it will make.
Oh jesus. I'm so sorry to have wasted your time. This seems to have been the issue. It looks a lot more in line, voltages and cpu stepping down and reporting as normal. Temps if i'm reading this right across the CCD1 and CCD2 look more "normal".

Cant believe I've had that on for god knows how long. Do you know if it would have effected gameplay/performance?
Yes, it might have an effect on performance, especially the drive where HWiNFO in installed as in Debug Mode a lot of data is written to the disk.