HWiNFO Crashes at "Detecting Video Adapter(s)"


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Hello, my unit is an Eluktronics MAG-15 laptop with an Intel i7-9750H and an NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti.

Whenever I load up HWiNFO and it starts scanning my system, the program hangs up when it's at the "Detecting Video Adapter(s)" of "Examining system configuration" and stops responding, with Windows giving the dialogue box "HWiNFO64 is not responding". The only two options in the dialogue box that appear are "Close the program" (which just closes the program) and "Wait for the program to respond" (which doesn't change anything).

I've searched up solutions to this issue from looking through on the forums here (the latest incident of this issue was back in 2018), using Display Driver Uninstaller to remove and fresh install both the Intel and NVIDIA graphics drivers, and resetting the unit completely, but have had no luck unfortunately.


This is a quite strange issue that's puzzling me...
Can you please try to activate the NVIDIA GPU to see if it will crash then too? It should be sufficient to open the NVIDIA Control Panel for that and then run HWiNFO.