HWiNFO crashing PC


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I've been using HWiNFO ever since I built this PC and everything was working fine.
But now when I try to open it, my whole PC crashes.
I tried installing a newer version and disabling "GPU I2C Support" and "Evaluate ACPI Methods" but that didn't help.

The PC has a 7900 XT and a 7800X3D. RAM is a 6000mhz CL30 Kit from Corsair. All the drivers are up to date and I didn't install or change anything recently so I'm not sure what could have caused the crashes.
I'm attaching the HWiNFO logs.



  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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Sorry but the attached Debug File is not valid. Please run HWiNFO again, capture the Debug File and don't start it again to disable Debug Mode as that will overwrite the file. Attach it right after you grab the file after crash.
Are you perhaps using some other monitoring or RGB control software? HWiNFO receives invalid results from some devices which might be due to a conflict with some other software not designed to work properly with others.
I had OpenRGB open in the background, after closing it my PC stopped crashing. Thank you, the problem is resolved!