HWINFO does not retain window setting


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I bought Hwinfo.
Unfortunately, it always happens that the setting of the window is not retained and I must be pulled the window after Windows Start to the necessary size.
Is there a solution?
Since I speak bad English, I have created the text with a translator. Sorry.

Greetings, Hyde33
Which window, do you mean, the sensors window? Try to set the desired size, then close the window and open again. Settings are saved when the window is closed.
You need to provide more details - which window is the problematic one?
Do you have multiple monitors and place the window on different one perhaps? What monitor scaling factors are used?
What is the position you try to save and what's the one you get?
Do you have the "Remember Preferences" option in HWiNFO enabled?
I have the same issue. I have attached the sensor status window the right side of monitor 4, but after every restart the window is cramped to the left side of monitor 2 (which is my main monitor). I then need to pull the sensor window bigger so that iam able to drag the window back too monitor 4. This problem last for several month already. Tested on windows 10 and 11.


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Is monitor 4 active when HWiNFO starts? If yes, try to move HWiNFO to that monitor and close it. Then try to start it again if it appears on the desired monitor. Closing HWiNFO before restart (at least first time) should ensure the window position is properly saved.
Ok, the sensor window is attached to the right side of monitor 4, i closed it and started hwinfo again. You can see the result in the attached file. This is what it looks like at the windows start too. All monitors are turned on at the start.


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Is the width of that window of the size you set initially?
Does placement of the window work on a different monitor?
I see that width of the window on your screenshot is quite narrow. So I was asking whether only the window position changed or its width as well.
Please do also the following: Place the window to monitor 4 and close HWiNFO. Then run regedit, export the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HWiNFO64\Sensors" key into a file and attach it here. You'll probably need to compress the file (ZIP) before attaching it here.
I see that width of the window on your screenshot is quite narrow. So I was asking whether only the window position changed or its width as well.
It changed both.

File is attached.


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I assume each of your monitors uses a different scaling, right?
Could you please just for a test try to set same scaling for each monitor and then check HWiNFO if that will work?
I dont know if i get what you want. Do you want me to set all my monitors too for example full hd? The resolution from every monitor is posted in my first screenshot.
Main monitor 32:9 | 5120 x 1440, monitor 1 16:9 (pivot) | 1080 x 1920, monitor 4 16:9 | 1920 x 1080, monitor 3 16:9 | 1920 x 1080
No, I meant the scaling factor used by Windows. Right click on the Desktop -> Display Settings, Scale and layout, it will show what scaling (100% - 200%) is used by each monitor.
If your monitors are using different scaling it can be problematic for some applications to manage windows that are moved between monitors with different scaling factors.
So I wanted to see if you could set the same factor for all monitors and then see if there are still issues with HWiNFO.
Yes, that is working as intended. But iam using the version which needs to be installed if that is of any importance for you.
Thanks for the feedback. There's no much difference between the installer and portable/beta version. HWiNFO can normally work as the portable build or you can replace the installed EXE with the portable one.
Anyway, as I said above - this was just a proof test and I will need solve this problem by adding a new option. Probably something like "Validate window positions", which will need to be disabled in your case.
Thank you for your work and help. Is there a rough date when the stable version with that fix is available?
Sorry, but it's hard to predict when the next stable version will be released, very roughly in 1 month...
But the next Beta build with this new option is expected in 1-2 days. That version should be fully stable.