HWINFO does not retain window setting


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I bought Hwinfo.
Unfortunately, it always happens that the setting of the window is not retained and I must be pulled the window after Windows Start to the necessary size.
Is there a solution?
Since I speak bad English, I have created the text with a translator. Sorry.

Greetings, Hyde33


HWiNFO Author
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Which window, do you mean, the sensors window? Try to set the desired size, then close the window and open again. Settings are saved when the window is closed.


HWiNFO Author
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You need to provide more details - which window is the problematic one?
Do you have multiple monitors and place the window on different one perhaps? What monitor scaling factors are used?
What is the position you try to save and what's the one you get?
Do you have the "Remember Preferences" option in HWiNFO enabled?